Source Water Protection

Committee Charter for Source Water Protection

The Bow Drinking Water Protection Committee (BDWPC) was created by the Town Selectboard in May 2005 to support drinking water source protection activities in Town. The Committee Charter has eleven objectives, all intended to educate residents and preserve town resources for existing and future drinking water supplies, as follows:

1.    Implement the December 2005 Source Water Protection Plan for the Town of Bow.

2.    Complete and implement 8 wellhead protection plans (WHPP) prepared December 2005 for the town-owned and school-managed water systems.

3.    Educate residents about septic systems and wastewater management.

4.    Educate residents about source water-friendly lawn care practices.

5.    Educate residents about better residential fuel storage techniques.

6.    Protect source water from salt contamination and investigate salt usage in transportation corridors.

7.    Facilitate best management practices for commercial and industrial land uses.

8.    Complete the aquifer protection ordinance and land use criteria.

9.    Develop and implement a comprehensive stormwater management program.

10.  Develop regulations or ordinances for water conservation.

11.  Assess, extend, and protect future drinking water supplies and services.

To learn more about the current year’s activities, please view the Activities Table of the Source Water Protection Plan. To learn more about the December 2005 Wellhead Protection Plans for the 8 town- owned and school-managed water systems, please email Bow Drinking Water Protection Committee to request electronic copies of the plans. Additional resources about well water testing, septic systems, water conservation and lawn care practices can be found by visiting our resources for private well owners page.

Source Water Protection Plan