Road Construction and Infrastructure Projects

The Town of Bow has many construction and and infrastructure projects both underway and in the planning stages. We would like to keep you informed as to the  status of these projects. We will continually update this page as these projects progress, as well as post updates on the Town of Bow Facebook page. 

If you have any questions on any construction going on around Town,we encourage you to call our Department of Public Works Department at 223-3940, or the Town Manager's Office at 223-3910.


Town Water System Extension to Bow Junction and Bow Mills (ongoing)

A study was conducted by the Town's engineering firm, Dubois & King in FY2019-20 to develop options to provide municipal water to Bow Junction and Bow Mills. The study was funded by the State through its MBTE mitigation fund. The Board of Selectmen reviewed the study and authorized D&K to perform design work on extending the existing water main from Vaughn Road, north on Route 3A, to Bow Junction and Bow Mills. 

Route 3A Corridor Safety Improvement Project (ongoing)  

Included within the NH Ten Year Transportation Improvement Plan 2017-2026, is NHDOT Project 29641, Bow NH Route 3A Corridor Safety Improvements. The NH Department of Transportation is moving forward with two intersection improvement projects at the River Road/Route 3A intersection and the Grandview Road/Route 3A intersection. DOT has prepared preliminary alternatives and designs. They have met with Town officials to approve the new layouts and design work on these projects is underway. The cost of both projects will be fully funded by the State of New Hampshire.

Project Updates


Page Road Bridge Replacement Project (FY2023-24)

State Bridge Aid funding for this project will be available in FY2023-24.  The current engineer's opinion of cost for the project is $762,000. The new bridge has been designed by Dubois & King, the Town's engineering consultant and NH DOT has reviewed and approved the plan.  The Town will pay 20% of the project cost, and the State of NH will reimburse the Town for 80% of the cost.

River Road Bridge Replacement Project (FY2025-26) 

State Bridge Aid funding for this project will be available in FY2025-26. 


Gosling Field Drainage Improvements - Hanson Memorial Recreation Area (FY 2019-20)

In 2019, the Bow Athletic Club (BAC) donated $10,000 to the Town for drainage improvements at Gosling Field. The work
was performed by the Town's Department of Public Works and (contractor) Work on the drainage was completed (date). The DPW crew recently regraded and hydro-seeded new grass in the drainage area. 

NH Rte. 3A/Dunklee Road Intersection Improvements and Bridge Project (FY2020-21)

Work has begun on a $1,836,463 project to make intersection improvements, install traffic signals and reconstruct the Dunklee Road Bridge. R.S. Audley, Inc. of Bow has been awarded the contract for the project and they plan to mobilize over the next two weeks. Funding for this project was approved by voters at the 2020 Town Meeting. The State of NH will be reimbursing the Town for 80% of the final project cost.  

Bridge Work: This work includes rehabilitating the existing precast concrete rigid frame units and pedestals, complete removal and reconstruction of the wingwalls and retaining walls, construction of new bridge elements, installation of drainage, and resetting the guardrails. The bridge surface will also be widened, and the alignment of the bridge will be shifted to allow for safer motor vehicle travel. The existing bridge was closed to motor vehicle traffic on July 20, 2020 and this work is scheduled for completion in November 2020.

Intersection Work: The intersection improvements include road widening, demolition of the existing home, realignment of the intersection, and the installation of a new four-way traffic signal. This work is will begin in September 2020 and is scheduled for completion in June 2021.

Project Updates

Town Road Paving and Reconstruction (FY2019-20 and FY2020-21)

Paving and reconstruction of Town Roads. The DPW will perform any reconstruction and drainage installation needed, and Pike Industries will be doing the paving. Funding in the amount of $550,000 was approved at the 2020 Annual Town Meeting. 

Buckingham Drive Culvert Replacement (FY2020-21)

Replaced two non-functioning drainage culverts at a cost of $38,000.  

Streetlight Conversion to new LED technology (FY2020-21)

The Town contracted with Affinity LED Lighting from Dover, NH to to convert 174 street lights to LED technology. The project was completed ____________________

Project Updates