Composting Pilot Program

Printable PDF Flyer for Residents

Composting 101 Guide

Beginning July 12, 2023, the Town of Bow is offering residents the opportunity to drop off food scraps for composting.  There will be two 65-gallon compost bins located outside of the Bow Community Center (Knox Road side).  The bins will be collected and emptied weekly (usually on Tuesdays) by Renewal Garden and Compost. 

The compost drop-off program accepts all types of residential food scraps including fruit and vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, coffee filters, loose tea bags, meat, fish, dairy scraps, eggs, eggshells, nuts, shells, nut butters, pasta, rice and bread scraps.  Other compostable items such as hair or fur, cut flowers (no yard waste) and certified compostable products are accepted.  Please do not include yard waste, non-food products, animal or pet waste or ashes from fire or grill.  

The availability for drop-off is on a "first come, first served" basis.  If the bins are full when you arrive, please find an alternative for your food scraps.  One alternative is Work Song Farm on Beech Hill Road in Hopkinton, which will accept food scraps from Bow residents when the bins are full (but please follow the farm’s compost program rules such as no stickers and no take-out or other containers, even if compostable).

Bow’s drop-off program is being implemented on a six-month trial basis, at which time a recommendation will be made to the Board of Selectmen to continue, expand or discontinue the program.  The Bow Recycling and Solid Waste Committee does encourage residents to participate in back-yard composting.  Fortunately, the compost drop-off program provides an opportunity for residents to compost when it is not feasible to have a compost bin or pile at their homes.  

Renewal Garden and Compost also offers a weekly home pickup service (for a fee).  For any resident interested signing up for the home pick up service, please visit  If you have questions about the town's compost drop-off program, please email

Thank you for composting! The Bow Recycling and Solid Waste Committee appreciates the town’s support of this program.