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Bow Bog Meeting House


Key Control Policy for Renting a Bow Town Building (PDF)

Rental Key Issuance Form (PDF)

Rental Policy - Bow Bog Meeting House (PDF)

Rental Application 10-28-2021 final

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  1. Parking


  • Historic church-style meeting house.
  • No plumbing, no heating, etc.


99 people


  • 8 rows of pews
  • No tables available

Rental Costs

Individual Bow Residents

  • Rental Fee $220 per day
  • Security Deposit $75 for 25 people or less and $150 for over 25 people
  • Domiciled resident(s) of the Town of Bow, New Hampshire.

Non-Bow Organizations/Individuals

  • Rental Fee $320 per day
  • Security Deposit $75 for 25 people or less and $150 for over 25 people
  • Groups/organizations not based in Bow and individuals who are not a resident of Bow.

Bow Community Interest Groups/Organizations

  • Annual Rental Fee $50 per year
  • Groups / organizations based in Bow, devoted to meeting the educational, social or recreational needs and the development and betterment of Bow residents.
    • 50% of the group/organization members must be residents of Bow.

Designated Bow Organization

  • Annual Rental Fee $10 per year
  • Organizations as designated by the Board of Selectmen, including:
    • Bow Athletic Club
    • Bow Community Men's Club
    • Bow Fire Department Ladies Auxiliary
    • Bow Garden Club
    • Bow Girl Scouts
    • Bow Open Spaces
    • Bow Pioneers Snowmobile Club
    • Bow Soccer Club
    • Bow Young at Heart Club
    • Bow Youth Football
    • Boy Scout Troop 75
    • Marine Corps League
    • Rotary Club of Bow

Town Department or School

  • $0 (no cost to these parties or bodies)
  • Town of Bow municipal government body, departments or Bow School District

Additional Fees

  • Bell Ringer Fee $25 (Bow Bog Meeting House only)
  • Fire Watch $75 per hour (if required)
    • Fire watch may be required by Bow Fire Chief.
    • A minimum of 2 hours will be charged.
  • Police Detail $80 per hour (if required)
    • Police detail may be required by Bow Chief of Police. 
    • A minimum of 4 hours will be charged.