• Turee Pond
  • Sargent Park, St. Cyr Playground
  • Richard Hanson Memorial Recreational Area
  • Richard Hanson Memorial Recreational Area
  • Gordon Field at Richard Hanson Memorial Recreational Area
  • Gordon Field at Richard Hanson Memorial Recreation Area
  • Goodwin Field at Richard Hanson Memorial Recreation Area
  • Hammond Nature Preserve
  • Adults and children with winter coats sledding down a hill
  • Signs in forest telling which way to go for snowmobile trails
  • Mother pushing children on their snow sled
  • Man standing in front of sign, on top of a hill, with beautiful view behind him of long distance mountains.
  • Three people banging hammers, fixing a wooden platform in the forest.
  • People standing around a snowmobile, with a frozen pond in the disance.
  • Man using to drill to hang up signs in the forest.
  • Woman painting a yellow mark on a tree.
  • Wooden sign in the forest that says
  • Four people standing with shovels in their hand, in front of a large information sign in the forest.
  • Two men banging hammers, leaning over a wooden walkway, in the forest.
  • Landscape picture of trees, mountains and clouds.
  • Pond with lily pads floating at the top.  Blue sky with puffy white clouds in the background.
  • Pond in the evening, with dark trees surrounding it.  In the background, a glowing sunset.
  • Snow covered trail through the forest, with snow-covered pine trees on either side.
  • Pond with marshy grass sticking out.  In the distance, a long green canoe with one person sitting in it, wearing a red life vest, paddling.
  • Forest with fallen brown leaves on the grand.  In the center, a wooden sign showing which way to go.
  • Landscape of trees, blue sky, a few wispy white clouds, and a small mountain in the distance.
  • Pond, surrounded by marshy grasses.  In the background, trees in fall bloom, showing orange and red leaves.
  • Wooden foot bridge going over a little creek in the forest.  Rocks, branches, green fern plants, and lots of brown leaves covering the forest floor.

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