Fire Department


The department provides Fire, EMS, and Fire Prevention services through creative staffing; combining full-time personnel, part-time personnel, and volunteers. The department employs eight full-time Firefighter/EMTs and a cadre of part-time personnel. Two individuals are scheduled to work at any given time. The employees working scheduled hours are trained and certified at a minimum to; operate all the apparatus, provide emergency medical care, and fight fires. There are very few incidents that two individuals can mitigate on their own; therefore they rely on the remainder of the department to respond as they are available. When the scheduled crew is not out on calls they are checking and maintaining equipment, cleaning the station, training, conducting business pre-plans, conducting public education, ordering and stocking supplies, and many other clerical/administrative duties.

Capital Area Mutual Aid Association

In addition to providing services to the Town of Bow the department belongs to the Capital Area Mutual Aid Association. Through the association the department provides assistance to neighboring towns as well as receives assistance when needed. The other twenty towns that comprise the association share a state of the art dispatch center.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Bow Fire Department is to protect lives, property, and the environment, with effective and safe responses to all emergencies and calls to service. The Bow Fire Department is dedicated to improving the overall quality of living for each resident through life safety, education, and emergency response.

CPR/1st Aid Class for Bow Youth   April 13th 2019.  (click below)