Property Assessments & Valuation

Cycled Inspections

Municipalities are mandated by the state of New Hampshire to measure and inspect all properties at least every five years. A Cycled Inspections program began in 2009, with one-fifth of the town being measured and inspected every year on a rotating basis. See "How is property appraised in Bow?" for more information. For current list of neighborhoods, see Cycled Inspections (PDF) and streets (PDF).

Building Permits

If a permit was issued for your property within the past year, we would be inspecting the property to see the status as of April 1st. Please note: it is the statutory obligation of the Assessing Department to verify all real estate on the property, including walking through the interior and measuring the exterior of all buildings, anytime they visit a property as a result of a building permit.

Abatement Follow-Up

We are responding to your request to ascertain the accuracy of the assessment of your property.


Recently discovered evidence indicates that the information we have regarding your property may need to be changed, and we are reviewing it for verification.

Current Use

Per RSA 79:5, IV, prior to July 1 each year, the assessing officials shall determine if land enrolled in the current use program has undergone a change in use.

Note: All representatives wear photo identification from the Town of Bow, have a letter of introduction on Town letterhead signed by the Town Manager, and their car identification is on file with us and the Police Department. They will not enter a house in which an adult is not present. Always ask for identification if you do not see any on the person at your door, and feel free to call the Assessing Department for verification.