Election Information

2022 Elections

Town of Bow 2022 town and state election information

  1. How to register for Municipal Office (PDF)

    Read our document on how to file for municipal office.

  2. Supervisors of the Checklist

    The Supervisors maintain the voter registration checklist for the Town of Bow.

  3. Town Meetings & Town Elections

    Here you will find town meeting information and election ballot results.

  4. Voter ID Law (PDF)

    Read about the type of ID you need to vote, what to do if you do not have an approved photo ID, and the prohibited acts.

  5. Voting Machines

    The Town of Bow utilizes the AccuVote-OS voting system.

  6. Vote By Absentee Ballot

    How to vote by absentee ballot

  7. How to Change a Party