Community Center Committee

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Community Center Study Committee

Town Center Committee Charge (pdf)

Appointed by Selectboard

Colleen Hunter, Chairperson

Matt Poulin Selectboard Representative

Janet Shaw

Danielle Albushies

Brian Murphy


Darcy Little, Parks and Rec. Director

Chris Andrews, Town Facilities Manager

Bill Hickey HL Turner

Dan Hall HL Turner

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2024 Community Center Committee Presentation


Agenda & Minutes Center • Bow, NH • CivicEngage (


Concept #1 Life Safety/ADA upgrades to existing building, no added capabilities

Current Community Center Floorplan (pdf)

Current Community Center Site Layout (pdf)


Concept #2 All Life Safety/ADA upgrades from #1 plus new office space, bathrooms, gymnasium activity rooms

Concept 2 Site Plan (pdf)

Concept 2 Floorplan, with new gym (pdf)

Option 2 Site Layout with dimension lines (pdf)


Concept #3 New Facility built on Lot #68, 

Concept 3 first floor, floorplan (pdf)

Concept 3 second floor, floorplan (pdf)

Concept 3 site layout with new green space and sledding hill relocated (pdf)


New Greenspace concept, New Sledding Hill designed for safety, Gazebo relocated, walkways created 

Conceptual Green Space where current facility is located, Gazebo relocated new sledding hill built (pdf)





Recreation Study Committee 2014-1016

2015 Community Center Survey Results

Compiled wants and needs for the community building 2014-2016 (pdf)


Fire Marshall Communications and Electrical Review

Town status update to State Fire Marshal 1-24-14 (pdf)

TM Update to OSFM 1-24-14 (pdf)

State Fire Marshal Order 7-24-13 (pdf)

State Fire Marshal Inspection Report 11-19-14 (pdf)

2013-09-03 Report R. Cummings 9-3-2013 (pdf)

2014-02-28 BOW COMMUNITY CTR - NO FIRE STATION - Cummings 2-28-14 (pdf)

2018-01-09 Cummings-Synopsis Comparison 1_9_18 (pdf) 

Life Safety Compliance Report, this was created by former Fire Chief Harrington.  It sets the timeline to mitigate the concerns of the State Marshall.


2006 and 2014 Reports and Conceptual Design for Re-Use

2006-06-15 Structural Report - Omega Structural Engineers 6-15-06 (pdf)

2006-07-11 Mechanical and Electrical Report - WV Engineering 7-11-06 (pdf)

2007 Building Analysis - SMP Architecture 2007 (pdf)

2007-03 Facilities Analysis - SMP Architecture 3-07 (pdf)

2016-04 Community Center Concepts and Evaluation for Re-use - SMP - April, 2016 (pdf)


Status Reports

2018-01-08 Bow Community Building Status Report No. 1 - 1-8-18 (pdf)

2018-01-12 Bow Community Building Status Report No. 2 1-12-18 (pdf)

2018-01-24 Bow Community Building Status Report No. 3 FINAL (pdf)

2018-02-23 Bow Community Building Status Report No. 4 2-23-18 (pdf)

2018-04-09 Bow Community Building Status Report No. 5 4-9-18 (pdf)

2020-02-03 Bow Community Building Status Report No. 6 2-3-20 (pdf)