Trash & Recycling Services

Important Notice of Change to our Town’s Recycling Program

Pinard Waste, the Town’s waste and recycling hauler, is working with the Solid Waste and Recycling Committee to come up with a modification of our current approach to recycling. The Town has allowed Pinard the flexibility to respond to market pressures accordingly, in keeping up with trying to find the best solution.

Pinard will be conducting a trial over the next few weeks that will involve using one truck to remove the solid waste and recycling carts. The trial is being run to see what cost savings the Town may realize, until the market for recyclables stabilizes and we can continue the recycling program.   

An informational article from the Committee is posted on the Town’s website (Recycling article). The article contains links to valuable information as to steps that recyclers can take to help to bring the market back. These include better cleaning, and sorting, of recyclables by residents.

Please contact the Town Manager’s office with any questions that you may have. Together, we can do this.

Here is the link to the full informational letter

Weekly Pickup Schedule & More Info

For details and information, including the weekly pickup schedule, holiday schedule, and what to recycle, read the complete:

Guide to Trash and Recycling Services for Bow Residents (PDF).
Newest Recycling Guide from Pinard Waste (PDF)

Pinard Waste Systems Contract

The Town of Bow contracts with Pinard Waste Systems for weekly curbside pickup of household solid waste and recycling. Each household gets one trash cart (green) and one recycling cart (blue). Additional carts are available for a fee.

Extra Trash or Recycling

What if I have extra trash or recycling that does not fit in my cart? In accordance with the Town's policy, Pinard will not pick up items left outside the cart (except for tires). Because they will not, residents have two options:

Bulky, Hazardous or Specialty Items

  • Bow residents may bring items to the City of Concord Transfer Station. Fees may apply.
  • Bow residents may also contact Pinard Waste Systems for special curbside collection of a large, bulky item. Fees may apply for certain items.
  • Bow residents may bring their household hazardous waste to a special collection that happens once a year in October on a Saturday. This event is organized by the Bow Recycling Committee.