Budget Committee


Budget Committee Photo sent to printer
Seated L to R Jeffrey Knight, Mark Zerba, Bob Arnold Standing L to R Kathy Garfield, Jennifer Strong-Rain, Christopher Nicolopoulos Selectmen Rep, Ben Kiniry and Melissa Radomski


  • Mark Zerba, Chairman (2023)
  • Jennifer Strong Rain, School Board Representative, Vice Chair
  • Ben Kiniry, Secretary (2024)
  • Jeffrey Knight, (2022)
  • Bob Blanchette, (2023)
  • Kathy Garfield (2022)
  • Andrew Mattiace (2024)
  • Bruce Marshall, Selectmen Representative
  • Michael Wayne, Selectmen Representative Alternate
  • Martin Osterloh, School Board Alternate

Overview & Duties

The Budget Committee consists of six elected members and one member of the Board of Selectmen and one member of the School Board.

The Budget Committee reviews the annual budget submission of the Board of Selectmen and the School Board of SAU 67, makes adjustments as the committee sees fit, and presents a recommended annual budget for a vote at the annual Town Meeting every March.

Committee Statutory Authority

The statutory authority of the Budget Committee is primarily derived from NH RSA 32.

Visit our Elected Officials page to learn more about running for a Budget Committee position.